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Yard Sign Incentive

Dear Parents:
We have many yard signs that we would love to see outside in yards representing our school and we need YOUR help to make that happen.
When YOU place the sign in your yard and take a picture than post it on Facebook and tag the school page or email it to info.sstadvancement@ssttx.org your student will receive a FREE DRESS pass for FRIDAY, April 6. Students can pick up the yard signs from the stage in the cafeteria to take home at dismissal. We encourage students to display Falcon pride by participating.

Spring Carnival

Dear Parents:
Our SST Annual Spring Carnival will take place on Wednesday, March 28 from 4-6. Mark your calendar. There will be rock climbing and a bounce house plus great food and much more! Join us on March 28th.

Why SST!!!

Dear Falcon Learning Community,

We strongly recommend you to watch the video to find out what makes SST unique… Enjoy watching the video…

Donuts with Mr. Dilli

On Thursday, March 22 at 8:15am the parents of grades 3rd/4th/5th are invited to attend an informational meeting. Learn about the culture of our school, academic programs and discipline/safety policies. Join our Principal - Mr. Dilli and other staff to hear all of the great reasons we are part of the SST Family.

On Thursday, March 29 at 8:15am the parents of grades K/1st/2nd are invited to attend an informational meeting. Learn about the culture of our school, academic programs and discipline/safety policies. Join our Principal - Mr. Dilli and other staff to hear all of the great reasons we are part of the SST Family.

Come be a part of the amazing SST team! You can invite your friends who are interested to work at SST schools to Job Fair

Click on read more to register read more . . .

Enroll Now!!!

Dear Parents, Guardians;

We are in the process of getting applications for next year’s enrollment. We are currently accepting new applications for new students for K thru 8th grades for SST Advancement.

SST schools are high-performing, college prep, AWARD WINNING, open enrollment public charter schools and provide safe and nurturing environment. SST schools prepares your student for higher education through delivering a student-centered rigorous educational program with a strong emphasis on science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM Education) in a small, safe, caring, and collaborative learning environment.

Please be sure to submit your application to be considered for the 2018-2019 School Year Lottery.

To apply Please Click Here.

School Flyer In English Please Click Here.

School Flyer in Spanish Please Click Here.

Our First Year TEA School Accountability !!!! Go FALCONS!!!!

The Texas Education Agency (TEA) released its annual School Accountability Report. We are extremely pleased to announce that SST-Advancement earned three of the six distinctions possible for the elementary level! These distinctions were as follows:

Index 1: Student Achievement (State Target Score=60) SST Advancement's score is 80.

Index 2: Student Progress (State Target Score=32) SST Advancement's score is 41.

Index 3: Closing Performance Gaps (State's Target Score=28) SST Advancement's Score is 46.

Index 4: Postsecondary Readiness (State's Target Score=12) SST Adancement's Score is 36.

*Academic Achievement in Mathematics
*Top 25 Percent Closing Gap Performances
*Postsecondary Readiness.

The Postsecondary Readiness distinction was earned by only 4.8% of schools in the state of Texas this year! The determination and hard work of our students and staff is evident in these distinctions, and we are excited about the possibilities that lie ahead.

Thank you for your support this school year, and we look forward to continued growth and success.

2017 Accountability Summary

Falcon's Fuse Program!!!

Dear Falcon Families,

You can watch our students videos in order to get more information what they are learning in FUSE, 3D Modeling with Stketcup Software and 3D printing with PRUSA 3D printers. To watch the video please click here

Mock Staar Test! No Tutorings…

Students from 2nd grade through 7th grade will be taking a Mock STAAR next week. Therefore, there is no tutoring all next week. Please pick up your child at 3:15 PM, our regular dismissal time. Thank you!

Winter Show Case Video…

Amazing Winter Showcase at SST Advancement!!!! Our students are definitely talented!!!! Our teachers definitely go the extra mile. And our parental support is out of this ?? world!!! SST Advancement Rocks! To watch the winter show case please click here

Science Fair Winner

We are proud of our SST students. Rammy a sixth grader in one of our SST schools recently made 1st place in the science fair. He made a Rube Goldberg machine and took the time to describe the purpose of his project:
"A Rube Goldberg has to accomplish a simple task like popping a balloon, but it has to do it in a complicated manner. [I used] 4 inclined planes and a tube I put a metal screw down the tube and it will fall down doing a chain reaction. [The screw] will fall into this platform which is connected to a stick and at the end of the stick, there is a needle. Once the screw lands on the platform it pushes up the needle which pops the balloon. Our science teacher showed us videos on it and I thought it was pretty cool. I used pipes, wooden plants, cardboard, staples, paint, tape, a needle, a balloon, a screw, string, and plastic

GATE (Gifted and Talented Education) Announcement!

School of Science and Technology is now accepting gifted and talented nominations for? ?RETURNING and not tested in FALL students in grades? K-7 for gifted and talented screening? ?process.If your student was enrolled 2017-18 school year and would like to be considered for GT testing, please fill out the nomination form located in the front office or on the school website. Forms must be returned to the front office no later than January 31st, 2018.

***New Students and any other students who tested in the fall of 2017 this school year are NOT eligible for testing ****

For more information about the screening and identification process, please contact your school's GT Coach/teacher Mr. Hailemariam

SST-Parent Nomination,Rating Scale and Permission Form)

GT Parent Nomination Form (Spanish)

SST Teacher Nomination Form

Students Handbook

Dear Parents:

Attached is the SST Student Handbook. The policies and procedures here were addressed with all students today during a Discipline and Procedures Assembly. Students also received a copy of pages 61-67 and there were questions and answers times to clarify any misunderstandings. Please support us in enforcing the policies stated in the handbook with your children. The policies in the Student Handbook are our governing rules and students must follow them consistently. Thank you.

2017-2018 Student & Parent Handbook (ENGLISH)

2017-2018 Student & Parent Handbook (Spanish)

Congratulations to Our New Authors !!!

Here are the SST students and authors of their poems in the 2017 Young American Poetry Digest! We have included corresponding page numbers where their poems can be found.
1. Jaya A., p. 93
2. Cecelia D., p. 128
3. Sarah L., p. 92
4. Leen A., p. 154
5. Oscar D., p. 64
6. Anjola F., p. 131
7. Steven C., p. 139
Please congratulate these students for soaring above others and reaching for the starts!!

Drop OFF and Dismissal

Dear Parents:
Car Tags - If you have not received a car tag for your students please be sure to pick it up from the front office between 7:30 and 2:30. Students will NOT be dismissed without a car tag.If more than one person pick up a student than you will need more than one card. This is our policy to ensure the safety of your children.

Drop off and Dismissal Times - Drop off begins at 7:25 am. Breakfast is served from 7:25 to 7:50 am. Students arriving before 7:25 will not be allowed in the building or supervised. School starts at 7:50 am. Using a cell phone in a school zone is prohibited by law. Please refrain from using your cell phone in the dismissal line.Please be courteous to the companies around us and do NOT block their driveways while waiting in line to drop off or pick up.

We can build good relationships thru teamwork. Please help us make this process sucessful.

Bell Schedule

Please click here to see Bell Schedule. read more . . .

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It is the policy of SST not to discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, gender, or disability in its programs, services, or activities as required by Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, as amended;
Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972; and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, as amended. For inquiries regarding non-discrimination policies, please contact Section 504/ADA Coordinator
at 210 530 8366 located at 4241 Woodcock Dr. #206, San Antonio, TX 78228.

SST Child Find Policy

Non-discrimination in Career and Technical Education Programs